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"Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Working first from the stand point of the relationship, we will build a toolkit you can use to create clearer communication with your horse, fill your horse’s bucket, and overall make owning a horse more fun.

Learn about…


Clicker Training

Confidence Building / Despooking

Ground Driving / Long Reining

Dressage Work In-Hand 

Classical Equitation Seatwork

Natural Horsemanship Ground Work

Trick Training 

Horse Yoga / Bodywork Basics

Liberty Work

Saddle Fit

Developing a Kid-Friendly Horse

Spotting Lameness / Soreness

Building Topline / Conditioning

Double Your Confidence in One Weekend

The 5 Sensitive Places that can be used to predict a horse’s behavior 

Discovering your horse’s goals and motivations

If you need someone to get on your horse we are happy to provide a catch rider. You’re welcome to haul a horse in or if you simply want to learn but don’t have a horse we work with several horse rescues and can provide one. We also have extra tack, like treeless saddles, that can be borrowed for the clinic when clinic participants run into an unnecessary road block.

Kali Kiger is an author, speaker, podcaster, YouTuber, and clinics nationally and internationally. You can find her presenting at places like the Northwest Horse Expo and the High Desert Museum. Kali carries certifications in French Classical Dressage work in-hand and Mediterranean Horsemanship. She is a certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance and also by TAGTeach International. Kali rode extensively with Grand Prix level hunter/jumper trainers in her youth. She was head trainer at one of the largest horse rescues on the West Coast with 125 horses, trained for the largest Welsh Pony breeder in the United States, was a representative for the Mustang Heritage Foundation, and served on the board of a local horse rescue. Current endeavors include serving as a breed inspector, teaching online social studies classes through the lens of horses, coaching an interscholastic equestrian team, and running Pony Pros, her riding school in Bend, Oregon. Kali is soft-spoken, kind, and has an unusual ability to quickly read and deeply understand a horse. Given many tragedies in her lifetime, Kali keeps lessons lighthearted and focused on the positive with a grounding in academic work.

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