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Learn Vet, Trainer, & Barn Manager Knowledge As Career Prep for Working in the Horse Industry One Day!

Learn about

  • rehabilitating injuries

  • tack fitting

  • healthy feed regimens

  • conditioning

  • safe horse-keeping

  • and more.

Great information to help future vets or anyone who wants to work in the horse industry!


This class will help!

Learn about horse anatomy, conformation faults, common diseases, rehabilitating injuries, and more! 

Calling all future vets, trainers, and barn managers!

Join our exciting class designed for kids ages 6 and up (divided carefully by age group) where we dive into the fascinating world of working in the horse industry! In this engaging course, young enthusiasts will have the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics, from rehabilitating injuries to the art of tack fitting.

We'll explore the essential components of a horse's well-being, including crafting healthy feed regimens and effective conditioning techniques. We will also cover the basics of safe horse-keeping practices.

This class provides invaluable information for aspiring veterinarians and anyone with a passion for the horse industry. Participants will gain insights into horse anatomy, conformation faults, common equine diseases, and the crucial skills needed for rehabilitating injuries. Join us on this educational journey to become a knowledgeable future horse industry professional!

There are more horse-related jobs than you might realize!

  1. Veterinarian specializing in equine care

  2. Horse trainer or riding instructor

  3. Nutritionist for horses

  4. Chiropractor or physiotherapist for horses

  5. Farrier (hoof care specialist)

  6. Equine dentist

  7. Horse massage therapist or acupuncturist

  8. Horse breeder

  9. Reproductive specialist for horses

  10. Equine behaviorist

  11. Horse show judge

  12. Photographer or videographer specializing in horses

  13. Journalist or writer specializing in horses

  14. Product sales representative for horse-related items

  15. Sales specialist for pharmaceuticals or feed for horses

  16. Transport or horse trailer driver

  17. Stable or barn manager

  18. Event coordinator or planner for horse-related events

  19. Lawyer or legal consultant specializing in horse law

  20. Marketing and public relations specialist for horse businesses

  21. Insurance agent or underwriter specializing in horses

  22. Appraiser or valuator for horse-related assets

  23. Owner/operator of a nutrition store for horses

  24. Owner/operator of a tack shop

  25. Salesperson for horse equipment and supplies

  26. Rehabilitation therapist for horses

  27. Research scientist specializing in horses

  28. Geneticist specializing in horses

  29. Advocate or rescuer for horse welfare

  30. Bloodstock agent for horses

  31. Ranch manager for horses

  32. Camp counselor at a riding camp

  33. Trail guide for horseback riding

  34. Instructor for equine-assisted therapy

  35. Saddle fitter

  36. Artist or sculptor specializing in horse-related art

  37. Website or social media manager for horse businesses

  38. Announcer for horse events

  39. Horse transporter

  40. Quality control specialist for horse feed

  41. Stablehand or groom

  42. Real estate agent specializing in horse properties

  43. Promoter of horse tourism

  44. Specialist in horse waste management

  45. Brand inspector for horses

  46. Instructor for horse safety and first aid

  47. Director of a riding camp

  48. Public health officer specializing in horses

  49. Veterinary technician specializing in horses

  50. Owner of a highly specialized vet clinic

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