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The next person who says: 'Have you seen Buck- I will say - Have you seen PonyPros? - That is how it should be done!


Kali Kiger is an extraordinary trainer, and she works with young people to help them connect with horses in a sustainably real, life-long kind of way.


You are so good with how you teach children and ponies. I love your methods. I wish instructors over here in Australia were like you instead of teaching that "you have to dominate and be the boss". I never have and never will agree with that attitude. Your ways are way better. You are amazing.


Kali Kiger is an excellent resource for ponies for children. Very trustworthy and knows what she is talking about. She has a great program for both ponies and children as well.


Be very proud of the work you do! You contribute to the well being of the ponies, and help them become good family members. It's a blessing.


Love PonyPros. You turn out a fabulous pony!


So nice to see some discussion of the fact that ponies are (usually!) not deliberately 'bad' - they respond to their environment as its presented to them.


These people are fantastic! I can't think of any better place to study or to trust with my child's equine education. We are blessed to have them in Bend!


I am filled with gratitude for PonyPros on so many levels: the amazing role models you are for my daughters, the memorable events you have arranged and they have participated in, your photographic genius. For the millionth time, I so appreciate your deep understanding of my girls.


I really like how the instructor has the horse on a lunge line and is in control of the horse. This really lets a beginner rider focus just on what they are doing and not trying to learn something new while controlling the horse at the same time.


I have to tell you that PonyPros and their games for kids have done wonders for our granddaughters' confidence and riding ability.


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