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Here are my asks for Classroom Etiquette

I'm very passionate about horse training and about giving students a great opportunity to learn. For that reason, here is what I need from students to be able to run a successful class:

1) Keep your device still while in class (in other words, set it on a table, don't hold it in your hand where your video is all over the place).

2) Choose a quiet room. Whenever you un-mute to ask a question, it is hard for the rest of us to hear if there is even a small amount of background noise. That's just the nature of computer microphones unfortunately.

3) Please share the spotlight - let's give everyone a chance to talk.

4) Annotation tools should be used only when directed by the teacher. Please do not draw or write on the screen.

5) The chat box is for real questions. Let's stay focused.

6) Parents, I know how much you also love horses, but Outschool has a requirement that parents stay off camera. It's ok to help students make adjustments to their equipment, but otherwise give students space to take their class, even if they're getting the answers to the questions “wrong” ;)

7) I share a LOT of videos in class. Please make sure that your device is not bogged down for class (close extra programs and extra tabs, make sure not too many people are using the internet at once at your house).

8) I will often go 5 minutes over in time to accommodate students with tech difficulties or to make up for "get to know you time" at the beginning of class.

9) All students must start each class with their video on in agreement with Outschool's safety policy. Students will anxiety can turn their video off after introductions.

10) If students are being too much of a distraction, they will be removed from class without a refund.

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