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Address: 64855 Collins Road. GPS is a bit confusing so be sure to read the directions below!

Speed Limit: The speed limit on the gravel road is 10mph and the speed limit after the gate is 5mph, which should feel like a painful crawl. Please be respectful of the horses and don’t blow dust into their faces and onto their yummy grass!

Directions: The barn is set back a ways off the road. On the driveway there will be two splits. At the first split, stay to the right. If you look up the hill, you will see a fancy wooden gate with black metal supports. At the second split, stay to the left. You’ll see the barn. Drive past the barn and outhouse.

Parking: Park nose-in on the back side of the barn (north side). Please don’t parallel park as it limits passage of other vehicles.

Please feel free to use the white chairs to sit in.

64855 Collins Road, Bend, OR

(541) 848-9573

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