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Growing Together, Ages 2-4

MiniPros lessons are about giving kids a positive horse experience and providing pony activity time. Some of our MiniPros students attend because their parents have larger horses and mom and dad want their little one to ride a pony they can be more independent with. Other MiniPros students come because they love animals and mom and dad like the wholesome atmosphere the barn provides. Parents love the serenity of the stable and the way horses facilitate mental, emotional, and physical growth for their child through balance exercises, 1-on-1 interaction with a teacher, and thought-provoking questions.


Once per week half-hour private riding lesson, $225/mo


Once per week half-hour private riding lesson plus 2 unmounted horsemanship classes per month $300/mo

Twice per week riding lesson plus 2 unmounted horsemanship classes per month $650/mo

What is Horsemanship Class?

Horsemanship class is about learning the skills that we don't have time to teach in a regular lesson. For example, grooming, saddling, horse care, tack cleaning, horse anatomy, horse colors, mucking pastures, etc. Horsemanship classes are great for allowing horse crazy youngsters to make a friends! While kids at this age need private lessons for safety, a group horsemanship class allows them to make friends who share their love of animals and passion for horses. 

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