'Serious Skills, Serious Fun!'

At Pony Pros, we use natural horsemanship and positive reinforcement training to help us live the "Misty of Chincoteague" dream. In a team-based setting, we jump, trail ride, show, and practice the art of playing with horses at liberty!



Pony Pros is loved by our local students and by horse people around the world!

To the next person who says, "Have you seen Buck?" I will say, "Have you seen Pony Pros? That is how it should be done!"


These people are fantastic! I can't think of any better place to study or to trust with my child's equine education. We are blessed to have them in Bend!


I am filled with gratitude for PonyPros on so many levels: the amazing role models you are for my daughters, the memorable events you have arranged and they have participated in, your photographic genius. For the millionth time, I so appreciate your deep understanding of my girls.




Our Goal:  To give riders the skills to safely enjoy a lifetime of fun with horses.

At PonyPros, we teach kids about developing two-way communication with the horse through facial expressions and about horsemanship as an artistic practice. Our focus is primarily on hunter/jumpers, trick training, Working Equitation, and Classical Dressage.










"I've been riding with Pony Pros for a few years now and I absolutely love it! There is no other riding place like it. We learn all sorts of things other than just riding. We do vaulting, jumping, colt starting, camping trips, trick training... Pretty much anything to do with horses - we do it. Everyone at PonyPros is so friendly, from the teachers to the parents to the kids. Even the ponies are super friendly and very cute! When you go out to the pasture they all come up and say hi and want to be taken out and played with. I always feel safe and accepted there."



Our riding release form / liability waiver

Address: 64855 Collins Road. GPS is a bit confusing so be sure to read the directions below!

Speed Limit: The speed limit on the gravel road is 10mph and the speed limit after the gate is 5mph, which should feel like a painful crawl. Please be respectful of the horses and don’t blow dust into their faces and onto their yummy grass!

Directions: The barn is set back a ways off the road. On the driveway there will be two splits. At the first split, stay to the right. If you look up the hill, you will see a fancy wooden gate with black metal supports. At the second split, stay to the left. You’ll see the barn. Drive past the barn and outhouse.

Parking: Park nose-in on the back side of the barn (north side). Please don’t parallel park as it limits passage of other vehicles.

Please feel free to use the white chairs to sit in.

64855 Collins Road, Bend, OR

(541) 848-9573

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