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Why is Pony Pros Called Pony Pros?

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

What is a “Pony Pro”? In the equine industry, a PonyPro is an up and coming young rider who helps bring along ponies for less experienced students. Our students are called PonyPros because we teach students all about pony training! Learners who ride at PonyPros have a strong understanding of horse behavior and psychology that keeps them safe, plus makes them some of the most talented and progressive youth students in the world.

At Pony Pros we try to milk every second you spend with the horse so that you get to your 1,000 Hour Eyes sooner. We make horse psychology the focus of our lessons so that even while you're catching, leading, and grooming your horse, you're focusing on what is really important.

  • Gain connection with the horse on the ground

  • Play synchronization games to put what you're learning about horse psychology and behavior into action

  • Ride on a longe and feel how the horse's body moves. How is he using his feet, back, shoulders, and neck?

  • Learn to steer the horse on leadline. Where are the horse's eyes looking? How is his body set up to make a sharp turn or a wide turn? Are you using your rein to move the hind end or front end?

  • Care for the horse. What does he eat? Why is his poop shiny? Why are his feet cracking? How come that other horse is picking on him?

Actual learning time? Every second you're with the horse.

What else is done differently at PonyPros?

  • We take lots of photos and video for review. Students learn better when they can see themselves ride.

  • Students help teach other students. We take our best students to clinics around the Northwest and California, even to Canada, where they help 4H groups, breeders, PonyClubs, and students at traditional stables.

  • Students have one primary horse partner who is "theirs," but also help train other ponies to gain experience. Students work with young ponies and rescue horses.

  • We have our own show circuit. Students compete at HEPP shows (Human-Equine Play with Purpose), showing in liberty/online, finesse/freestyle, trail, and jumping.

  • There are many opportunities for PonyPros students to lease a pony from a breeder. Leases are ordinarily very difficult to find.

  • We help our students make horsemanship videos so they are comfortable with internet and videographic technology, which will give them a huge hand up in future job markets.

At Pony Pros, we really want to see our students progress so they can join us in helping to make the world a better place for horses by giving more young horses the opportunity to learn from competent, caring handlers.

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