Wonderful community of caring coaches and horses, and big group of fun-loving kids

PonyPros is all about "Serious Skills and Serious Fun." Each lesson has 3 goals - to be educational, to provide exercise, and to get the kids laughing. 

Half Hour Private Once a Week - $190/mo

1-Hour Group Once a Week - $215/mo

1-Hour Group Twice a Week - $430/mo

We are proud to be able to offer an activity that promotes mental and emotional health, as well as physical activity in fresh air! Horseback riding fosters all the things that make a special human - Empathy, compassion, responsibility, mindfulness, humility, grit, sticking to a schedule, non-verbal communication, generosity of spirit, hard work, putting someone else before yourself, consistency, team work… For many kids with anxiety, horses are a great escape, a portal to another world where they can really shine.

Lessons are designed to cover a wide range of skills, not just riding. As young equestrians, students build relationships with our horses and ponies through a combination of groundwork and riding, both in a saddle and bareback. Our students develop skills at a young age that many riders don't develop until they have years of experience working with horses. Our lessons focus on the individual, working towards goals that fit the student and the horse/pony. We take time to match the student with a pony that they are compatible with, so that they can grow together and learn from each other.

Your little horse-lover might not decide to go to the Olympics, do 100 mile endurance races, gentle Wild Mustangs, start a therapeutic riding program, or become a Hollywood animal trainer, but why not start with a horsemanship foundation that makes any of those things a possibility?

A PonyPros education can support such a wide range of amazing outcomes because students not only learn how to ride, they learn the fundamental leadership skills of persistence, dedication, compassion, and critical thinking. All along they way, students are encouraged to pursue excellence, pushing themselves in a healthy way.