We are so passionate about helping riders learn the skills to safely enjoy a lifetime of fun around horses! 

Check out our Levels Pathway to see how riders progress through our program.

Our riders start with vaulting so they learn to "ride the horse and not the saddle". Riders love vaulting because, right away, the horse is on a lungeline and after just a few lessons they get to feel a trot, canter, and jumping! Parents love vaulting because kids can enroll without buying any equipment. Everything is provided.

Next, riders progress to learning how to steer in a private lesson and later in a group. Eventually, riders join IEA and Pony Club - two wonderful organizations that are affordable, educational, and fun.


Generally most riding schools do not teach kids under the age of 7. At Pony Pros, we have a passion for tots and preschoolers. In lessons, kiddos work on their balance and confidence, learning lots of fun tricks while developing the skill of following directions from a teacher. 

We are able to offer a small discount on lessons based on the fact that itty bitty kids are easier on the horses, but Tots and Preschoolers take up the same amount of space in the arena and the same amount of time for a teacher, so our prices are set to be sustainable for all involved.

  • Walk Lesson $220

  • Walk/Trot + Horsemanship $250/mo



In beginner riding lessons, you learn the basics of how to cue the horse and how to ride with confidence and balance. Riders start on the lungeline and progress to steering. All riders start in private lessons and progress to a group only when they have mastered the basics. Teens can master the basics in about 8 lessons. Most riders age 6-9 prefer private lessons.​

  • Half Hour Private Once a week + Biweekly Horsemanship Class - $320/mo

  • Half Hour Private Twice a Week + Biweekly Horsemanship Class - $530/mo



In Intermediate and Advanced lessons, riders progress to cantering and jumping. In order to be eligible to canter and jump, riders must be in lessons twice a week (this is industry standard). Riding twice a week helps to build muscle memory, reduce wear and tear on the horses, and reduce the risk of falls. Beginning at the intermediate stage, riders have the option to Join Pony Club and IEA as long as they are riding twice a week. Most riders age 6-8 continue to prefer private lessons at this age, but starting around 4th grade, riders get excited about riding in groups. Group riding is an essential skill in order to be safe at shows.

  • Once a Week Riding Lesson + Biweekly Horsemanship Class - $320/mo

  • Twice a Week Riding Lesson + Biweekly Horsemanship Class - $530/mo



One of our goals as a riding school is to increase the accessibility of a higher level of skill with horses. Horses show motivate riders to achieve mastery, demonstrating attention to detail, planning, and excellence in both riding and caring for horses.

  • $175/month. Must be enrolled in twice weekly riding lessons. 12 month commitment.

  • Expectation that students will contribute back to the broader horse community generously by volunteering their time in the future to help other up-and-coming riders.



We are happy to share our horses with avid horse families for in-barn leases. Contact for details.