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Now offering Friday Only camp. 9am-2:30pm. Text us to sign up! 541-848-9573

Summer 2022 Friday Camp Dates:

  • July 22

  • July 29

  • Aug 5

Cost: $125 which includes 5 hours of time with the horses and riding 3 different horses.

Please text us and we will send you our Venmo link to pay.


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-2:30pm. Weeks available all Summer long. $375/week.

Horse care, songs, games, horse knowledge, and a daily riding lesson. Camp runs 9am-2:30pm W/Th/F $375/week. Ages 5-12

Age Splits:

Shetlands 5-6

Cobs 6.5-8

Mustangs 8.5-10

Thoroughbreds 10-12

Pony Pros summer camps are really fun and educational. You'll LOVE our camp counselors. Camp runs 9am-2:30pm daily. Each camper does vaulting, some riding in a saddle or bareback pad with reins, and trail riding (on a lead or independently based on skill level). We take 30 minutes for lunch and an hour for horse knowledge games, but the rest of camp is with the horses.

Our riding lessons are structured and taught by equine professionals.

  • New riders learn with vaulting and need to earn the reins.

  • More experienced riders can work on jumping cross country, bridleless, and dressage or cowboy dressage. If you have a rider with more experience, please let us know in advance.

All students will gain experience with horse training, grooming, and riding.

We have snack at 10:15 and lunch at 12.

Please wear long pants, closed-toed shoes, and bring a sack lunch. Please bring a model horse, like a Breyer or Schleich, to use for model horse shows. We provide helmets. We recommend having shorts to change into when not riding to beat the heat.

Talent Show: There will be a talent show Friday at 2pm. Everyone is invited to attend. That’s the best time to come to watch the kids ride.​


Here is why:

  1. We love kids! We love summer!

  2. We feel like we have something unique to share - an intro to riding via vaulting and the opportunity to experience some natural horsemanship and clicker training

  3. Camp is a great way for our horses to experience a busy environment at home - it makes them better prepared for shows!

  4. Camp provides an amazing opportunity for our older students to contribute as assistant teachers. Teaching gives them confidence through allowing them to give back to the horse community that has given them so much.

A Fun Video We Made at Camp

Summer Camp at Pony Pros


Driving Directions, What to Wear, What to Bring, etc

What to Bring:

  • Waiver

  • Photo Release

  • Stretch pants / riding pants / capris (jeans are generally too hot)

  • Soft shoes like Converse, water shoes, or ballet slippers for riding in vaulting surcingle

  • Helmet if you already own one (no bike helmets)

  • Shorts to change into

  • Snack

  • Sack lunch

  • Water bottle or 2

  • Toy horse (like a Breyer or Schleich) for learning horse colors/anatomy

  • Wear sun screen

  • Swim suit NOT needed due to water being shut off for drought

Talent Show: There will be a talent show Thursday at 2pm. Everyone is invited to attend. That’s the best time to come to watch the kids ride.

Parking: Park nose-in on the back side of the barn (north side) or nose in at the indoor arena. Please don’t parallel park as it limits passage of other vehicles.

Where to Go: Please drop off at the indoor arena. Please sign in so we have your best phone number.

Waiver and Photo Release: Use the buttons below. Go file > download > pdf.

Clothing: This is a barn so please dress accordingly. Everyone must be in close-toed shoes. Riders must wear pants but can change into shorts in the afternoon. No bike helmets.

Dogs: Barn rules state that dogs are to remain in vehicles. This is due to the fact that riding insurance companies do not cover any accident that involves a dog. Dogs are the number one cause of horse accidents at stables. Dogs can be exercised at nearby Tumalo Reservoir.

Contact Info: If anything comes up, you can reach the teachers at these numbers:

  • Becky Grossman (541) 280-2523

  • Emma Benson (913) 593-9346

  • Scheduling / Payments / Issues - Kali Kiger (541) 848-9573

Start with text because teachers usually have lessons back to back but if needed you can call.

Driving Directions: The barn is set back about 2/3rds of a mile off of Collins Road. There will be 2 splits before the gate, but there are address markers along the way that will help. Drive past the cows, staying to the right. If you look up the hill to the West, you will see a fancy wooden gate with black metal supports. At the second split, stay to the left, heading up the hill to the gate. The gate has our address on it. You’ll go through the gate then see the paddocks with horses in them. Keep going and you’ll see the round pen and barn. Stay to the left. Curve around, keeping the round pen on your right, and you’ll see parking on the far side of the barn.

Smoke / Weather Cancellations

Weather: Generally we only cancel for weather if there is unusual hail or significant thunderstorms and rain that will spook the horses. 

Heat: With temps of 99-102 camp will run as normal. With temps of 103-105 we will start camp at 8am to reduce hours in the heat. If the temp is 106 or above we will cancel.

Smoke Cancellations: If the AQI is expected to be above 100 for most of the day then we cancel. We will send an email by 7:45am. Because the horses aren’t supposed to trot if the AQI is above 100, the kids would miss out on the full camp experience. Generally we poll campers to figure out what will work for them so make sure we have a good cell phone number for you upon registration!​

If we run on a day when the AQI is too much for your child, just contact us and we will help you find an alternate time to come.


  • If the AQI / weather is expected to improve a great deal by midday, we can do a late start and do the normal 5.5 hours of camp from 12-5:30.

  • Another option is to use Saturday as a make-up day.

  • If you want to swap camp out for a lesson, our private lesson rate is $75 per half hour private, so one camp day can be traded out for a 1-hour private lesson.


Meet Once Per Month with Your Cohort

Join us for a half-day camp all school year long! 

We have had so much success with our summer camp that we have decided to offer ongoing cohorts for our campers where they can do camp for a day once a month all school year. Our arena is covered but open on all sides so is well ventilated. 

Activities will include vaulting, riding, sledding when there is snow, helping around the farm, and general fun with the horses.

Ages 6.5-9 and 9-12. Younger kids are welcome on a case by case basis.

Saturday afternoons. 1-5pm. $125 per camp. 

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