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Our IEA Team info is coming soon for the 2021/2022 school year!

IEA is a great way to compete in shows without owning a horse! Riders must be at least age 10 and a 4th grader. Competitors come to a show with their coach and their team, bringing only their show clothes, or sometimes a horse to contribute to the pool of school horses.

Riders are randomly assigned a horse to ride from the pool of school horses brought by each team. Show organizers take care to make sure that the horses are well-trained and appropriately sized for riders for the well-being of the horses.

Each mount is fully tacked and warmed-up before competitors first take the reins of their horse. Competitors get just a few moments to adjust their stirrups then trot and canter each direction, and jump 1-2 jumps. Then, competitors enter the show ring to jump their course. Lower level riders will ride only on the flat doing walk/trot or walk/trot/canter.

IEA is a national level program, so riders compete regionally, then if they qualify, get to go to a national show! Riders typically travel for 3 weekends before qualifying for regionals, then nationals.  IEA is a great way to prepare for riding on a college equestrian team one day. 

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