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Passionate about horses?  We are too!

Once riders are wanting to ride twice a week, we recommend joining Pony Club. Pony Club is an amazing program, but you do need to have a horse to use for Pony Club. Fortunately we offer horse use for $175/month for riders who are enrolled in twice a week lessons with us.

  • In order to participate with us in Pony Club, we recommend a minimum of 2 lessons per week, $640/mo.

  • Shows and other fun activities at a cadence of 1-2 a month.

  • Click here to learn more about Pony Club

About Pony Club:

With Pony Club, learners can bring their horse to an activity 1-2 times a month during the warm season. Activities are very affordable - some are $25 for the day, others are $80-$200 for a weekend.

During winter, learners practice biweekly to participate in a national horse knowledge competition called Quiz Rally. A learner who graduates from Pony Club is generally said to have the equivalent of the first 2 years of a veterinary medicine degree upon graduation because of the heavy emphasis on horse knowledge.

Pony Club exists at the national and international level. There are many opportunities for travel as kids advance up through the levels. Pony Club emphasizes self-reliance. Pony Club students learn to help themselves and help each other, developing expertise and good self-esteem throughout their adolescence. 

Pony Club is very well organized and many learners who participate in Pony Club go on to say that they wish all other areas came with a manual as easy to understand and helpful as the Pony Club manuals!

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